goaty tapes

Zully Adler / Mar 29, 2019

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We are delighted to present you a mix by Zully Adler. He the man behind the mighty Goaty Tapes, a label we would highly recommend if you don’t know them yet. This mix is filled with gems from the Goaty Tapes catalogue. Enjoy and do head over to goatytapes.com for more!

  • Banana Head - Phone Call (In the Tubs, CS)
  • Goat Bath Eternity - Couchlocked on Mars (Downers, CS)
  • PJs - Water (Family Talks, CS)
  • Death Light - Sucker Dimension (In the Chamber, CS)
  • Cyclops - Untitled (The First Year, CS)
  • Drunk Elk - Natasha Kinski (Drunk Elk, LP)
  • Spectral Park and Kot Kot - Les Zimoy (Spectral Park and Kot Kot, CS)
  • Russian Tsarlag - One Night Expo (Living in the Past, LP)
  • Banana Head - Believe (Phones the Public, CS)
  • Polonius - Crystalised Antiquoneric (Antique Marvel, CS)
  • Siobhan - The Flamingo (Split with Mud Brick Couch, CS)
  • Touch of Poison - Gravensteen (MOAT, CS)
  • Soviet Pop - Worldview Song (Adventures in the Spiderhole, CS)
  • Tracey Trance - Burpin’ Down the Country (Noise Hippie Trimmer, CS)
  • Gem Jones - Rock N Roll Dementia (Admiral Frenchkiss, CS)
  • Die Welttraumforscher - This Could Be The Greatest Love In Town (Die Lieder, CS)