Wouter van Veldhoven / Jan 15, 2018

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Wouter van Veldhoven build a name with his performances with tape recorder, self build instruments and analogue synthesizers. Wouter will explore the depths of music in eclectic shows full of experiment. This first show, fittingly called Things, Wouter serves you a mix of experimental music of all sorts.

  • Francoise Bayle - La fin du bruit: √©ros rouge
  • David Toop - Sea Slug
  • Taylor Deupree - Minism
  • Lou Harrison - Concerto In Slendro: II. Molto adagio
  • Christian Wolff - Percussionist Songs: I. Song 1
  • Harry Partch - Eleven Intrusions II: Study on Archytas’ Enharmonic
  • John Cage - Music for Marcel Duchamps
  • Morton Feldman - Bass Clarinet and Percussion
  • Pauline Oliveros - The Beauty of Sorrow (Excerpt)
  • Jeff Herriot - Ancient Caves
  • Emptyset - Ambika P3 - London, England 12.12.12