spring break downer vibes

wim_morc / Feb 13, 2018

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Wim_morc dives into lo-fi, chansons and anything that will kill your Spring Break mood. We are very pleased with this wonderful collection of songs. After finishing this mix Wim told us already he has new ideas for more. We can’t wait!

Wim_morc runs the wonderful Morc tapes label. The label has produced a steady stream of beautiful releases that are all worth checking out. Beside that he also makes music as Circle Bros.

  • Kant - ultra non plus
  • Supreme Dicks - Blue elephant
  • Bedhead - Golden Brown
  • Dog lady island - Nocturn Op.9 nr.1
  • Shirley Collins - Sur le bord de l’eau
  • Ghedalia Tazartes - Quasimodo Tango
  • Jackson C Frank - The spectre
  • Eloïse Decazes & Eric Chenaux - Au jardin des amours
  • John Davis & The cicadas - HFCS
  • Neutral - Repa
  • Roy Montgomery Ten Beers with five bears at Two Guns, Arizona
  • Mattias Gustafsson - Känn ingen oro, Känn ingen ängslan
  • HTRK - The body you deserve