pingpong #8

LN / Roos / May 13, 2018

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pingpong: collaborative mixtapes. each episode features another opponent who’s family, friend or hero (or all). alternating contributions unfold into expeditions, collisions, constructions and awe.

episode #8: LN / Roos

  • cate le bon mug museum [LN]
  • tortoise glass museum [R]
  • tiny ruins me at the museum, you at the wintergardens [LN]
  • broken social scene art house director [R]
  • of montreal gallery piece [LN]
  • rufus wainwright the art teacher [R]
  • damien jurado museum of flight [LN]
  • mop mop (feat. anthony joseph) heritage [R]
  • jeffrey + jack lewis art land [LN]
  • david bowie art decade [R]
  • sandro perri city of museums [LN]

pingponged oct 2017 - apr 2018. mixed by LN.