pingpong #23

Carlos / LN / Apr 15, 2019

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pingpong: collaborative mixtapes.
each episode features another opponent who’s family, friend or hero (or all). alternating contributions unfold into expeditions, collisions, constructions and awe.

this episode features contributions by Carlos* and LN**.

1 vic chestnut flirted with you all my life * leonard cohen you want it darker
2 ben and bruno take hold upon **
3 meret becker wenn ick mal tot bin *
4 diane cluck + jeffrey lewis finish line **
5 the coathangers squeeki tiki * sonic youth ambient guitar and dreamy theme
6 yo la tengo oh! sweet nuthin’ ** the raincoats no side to fall in
7 saint abdullah i’m sad, i’m frightened, i’m angry *
8 the third eye foundation lost **
9 ignatz echo all acoustically correct *
10 colleen i’ll read you a story ** the fire harvest the sun and the sea
11 zbigniew preisner tu viendras (la double vie de veronique)*

pingponged jan - mar 2019.
mixed by LN.