pingpong #10

Wouter van Veldhoven / LN / Jun 15, 2018

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pingpong: collaborative mixtapes. each episode features another opponent who’s family, friend or hero (or all). alternating contributions unfold into expeditions, collisions, constructions and awe.

episode #10: Wouter van Veldhoven / LN

  • delia derbyshire ziwzih ziwzih oo - oo - oo [WvV]
  • harco pront lament [LN]
  • faust läuft… heißt das es läuft oder es kommt bald… läuft [WvV]
  • the books liternite [LN]
  • oval hallo draussen [WvV]
  • minitchêv new shoes [LN]
  • aaron dilloway labyrinths & jokes [WvV]
  • musica da cucina … e sorridi quando cucini [LN]
  • rudy trouvé sometimes i hear voices [WvV]
  • folk implosion why do they hide [LN]
  • karl blau & geneviève castrée cryptozoologie [WvV]

pingponged feb 2018 - apr 2018. mixed by LN.