Heart and Soul

Matt Elliott / Apr 17, 2018

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Matt Elliott has been around in the world of music for a while and manages to keep surprising with his music. This mix he made for Eat This Radio is no exception to this. Sit back and let Matt Elliott take you on a trip he put his heart and soul in!

  • Just me and you - The Dreamlines
  • I am controlled by your love - Helene Smith
  • Black midnight - J.J. Jones
  • Don’t make me kill you - Angela Alexander & J.D. Saddler
  • The man puts sugar in my bowl - Mae Young
  • A poor wayfaring stranger - Cliff Gobrt
  • Black is beautiful - Trinikas
  • Breaking point - Johnny Williams
  • Cold sweat - Brother Williams
  • The lord will make a way somehow - Kay Robinson
  • I’ll take jesus for mine - James Austin
  • Aposteles of music/Wide in the water - Various
  • Nobody knows - Pastor T.L. Barrett & the youth for christ chior
  • I shall wear a crown - Pastor T.L. Barrett & the youth for christ chior
  • It’s a dream - Little Ed & the Soundmasters
  • I hear you calling - Francis Reneau & the Mission singers
  • Fever - Essence
  • You are giving me some other love - Penny & the quarters
  • Don’t be surprised - Lynn Williams
  • If I had a Little Love (rehearsal) - the Majestic Arrows