music for film & radio #3

Kot Kot / Apr 22, 2019

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The third installment of the amazing ‘Music for film & radio’ series by Kot Kot is yet another wonderful mix of soundtracks of movies you’ve probably never seen. Close your eyes and let Kot Kot take you on a trip into her wonderful musical universe! This time the mix comes with a full transcription of the soundtracks as the peices used in this mix are not just randomly mixed together. Enjoy!

  • Wednesday 19.07.1961 (Ñðåäà 19.07.1961), 1997
  • Toptyzhka (Òîïòûæêà), animation, 1964
  • Chto by ty vybral? (×òî áû òû âûáðàë?), 1981
  • Forbidden Games (Jeux interdits), 1952
  • Vodnik a Zuzana, 1974
  • The Spirit of the Beehive (El espiritu de la colmena), 1973
  • Lesnaya simfoniya (Ëåñíàÿ ñèìôîíèÿ), 1967
  • River of No Return, 1954
  • Pervyy trolleybus (Ïåðâûé òðîëëåéáóñ), 1963
  • Losev (Ëîñåâ), 1989
  • Chekhovian Motifs (×åõîâñêèå ìîòèâû), 2002
  • Asya (Àñÿ), 1978
  • The Belovs (Áåëîâû), 1992
1. Well done!
2. -
3. The sun is shining, the music is playing,
Why then does heart tremble so? ..
There, around the bend, looking good,
the regiment of hussars stands before the crowd.

The ladies blush and look forward to dancing,
they decide, who will dance with whom.

But the main colonel on a bay mare
says: “Have all of you forgotten?
The dances were on Wednesday, now it is Sunday, on next Thursday - war. And there is no salvation.

And on the battlefield death walks everywhere.
Maybe we won’t be back - I won’t lie. “

The ladies don´t believe him and laugh unseen,
unaware that they really part. They say:
“Go fight, if you want, don’t be late from your campaign “

The sun is shining, the music is playing,
Why then does heart tremble so? ..

Many times I saw them returning from school…
4. Come with me, help me catch her.
What about my dog?
Leave it, I’ll give you another one.
A beautiful one?
A pretty one.
Where is it?
In my house.
5. -
6. -
7. Hardworking beavers blocked the river here with a large dam and turned it into a huge pond, and built a solid hut-house near the shore, where they lived with their whole family.
Beavers swim and dive perfectly, and can stay under water for a long time.
9. If you listen you can hear it call (Wailaree)
There is a river called ‘the river of no return
sometimes it’s peacefull and sometimes wild and free
Love is a traveller on the river of no return
swept on forever to be lost in the stormy sea (Wailaree)
I can hear the river call (no return, no return
10. -
11. A normal tea, is it good, Alexey Fedorovich?
Do you like the tea, good tea?
I do not know, I do not even feel what kind of tea.
No, no, you do feel everything perfectly. A good strong tea, I just brewed myself.

I can speak only for a few minutes, on which I reckon, because it’s hard for me to talk. But I wanted to talk to you.
I listen to you, Alexey Fedorovich.
I could not and did not have the opportunity to go into details, but I know that you have your own spiritual life, and not just physical chatter. That´s why you have always attracted me.
You have a feeling, a feeling of big life. Of course, we are all scattered, and we have to do a lot of empty, unnecessary things, otherwise it is difficult to live. And the majority … (inaudible) But you
are just different in what I said. You know how to suffer. Everyone suffers, and you especially know how to suffer.
12. Our days are fleeing, disappearing in darkness.
Nothing will bring them back.
But it sounds again
Approaching to me
This day, this night, this garden.
Sounds come up from the deep,
The light thread of music is going on.
Forgotten days come alive again.
Spring takes us far, far away
When suddenly, in silence,
It will sound out of the window.
And we live again
in a magical land
And the light filled the distance.
And back again
Comes childhood to me
Forever, forever, forever.
Oh, how beautiful is the spring´s bloom!
The radiance of the day flows quietly
The world is again revealed to me.
Spring takes us far, far away
When suddenly, in silence,
It sounds out of the window.
13. What am I doing here? What for am I dragging in strange outland?