coincidence is logical

kaleidoskoop / Jul 15, 2018

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this soccer mix includes the essential ingredients that you’d expect of a usual match: heros, aggression, boredom, politics, math, yells, blood, sweat, tears, dreams, laughs, analytics and love.

  • teenage fanclub kickabout [excerpt]
  • palace music work hard / play hard
  • adam and joe footie song [excerpt]
  • the fall theme from sparta fc
  • no nebraska! zidane
  • meindert talma en de rode kaarten marokko of nederland (otman bakkal)
  • baby blue soccer ball
  • tenniscoats ball man
  • mogwai hugh dallas [excerpt]
  • michael feuerstack scorekeeper
  • shannon wright foul
  • mogwai half time [excerpt]
  • meindert talma en de rode kaarten 1000 stukken (marcel peeper)
  • bon iver team
  • ass and pass it to each other
  • billy bragg god’s footballer
  • the microphones II. solar system
  • akron/family running, returning
  • atoms for peace reverse running
  • ton lebbink voetbalknieën
  • meindert talma rummenigge
  • liars nothing is ever lost or can be lost my science friend
  • sterling finale
  • soccer mommy interlude
  • soccer committee kaleidoscope
  • teenage fanclub long shot [excerpt]
  • meindert talma ik ben louis van gaal