Songs for when you're snowbound [..]

Boduf Songs / Mar 25, 2018

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Mat Sweet, a.k.a Boduf Songs has been making amazing music over the years. He joins Eat This Radio with a great mix with an amazing name (that sadly doesn’t fit in the title) so we’ll just put it here.

Enjoy listening to “Songs for when you’re snowbound and supplies are getting low and the only other person there goes out for help and you have a feeling they won’t be coming back and you’re ok with it”

  • Anna von Hausswolff - Ugly And Vengeful (from Dead Magic)
  • Mark Korven - A Witch Stole Sam (from The Witch OST)
  • Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (from Immunity)
  • Eric Holm - Enceladus (from Barotrauma)
  • Mica Levi - Lipstick to Void (from Under The Skin OST)
  • Eleni Karaindrou - Ulysses Theme, variation VI (from Ulysses’ Gaze OST)
  • The Heads Are Zeros -VII (from The Heads Are Zeros)
  • Atrium Carceri - Comfort of the Night Mother (from The Untold)
  • Jeroen Diepenmaat - Reed plays Deuter at 78rpm (from Tak)