Mechanizedmind / May 6, 2018

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In this mix Bastiaan dives into Russian and Sovjet music. While the initial idea was to research Italo like tracks made in the Sovjet era Bastiaan soon stumbeled upon melancholic experimental electronica from the Ural region (Стук Бамбука в XI часов) and soon found himself researching Russian and Sovjet experimental music. There is a lot more to discover, especially from great labels such as Shalash and Klammklang.

  • Красивая Пришла - Fresh’n’up
  • самцы дронта - всадник без головы
  • Стук Бамбука в XI часов - Лошадь Моей Жизни
  • самцы дронта - сумерки
  • Стук Бамбука В XI Часов - Слабый Тигр
  • Rusalka - III
  • The Same Ensemble - the same pt 2 (Soccer Committee cover)
  • Федор Веткалов - Ане
  • Bugaev - Sonm I
  • Buttechno - Res I
  • Kosichkin tapes - Field recording
  • Arseny Avraamov - The March of the Workers Funeral